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At Città Group, we are committed to building practices that protect the environment. We are proud to show our commitment to this cause through our voluntary certification and membership in Built Green Canada. We are one of a select group to have received certification in the Victoria area. At the Città Group, we support the notion that we all win when we protect our environment and we are excited to see the building community taking an active role in preserving our environment.

In fact, our personal passion for the issue has led us to adopt a leadership role in the development of this sustainable business model. Since 2010, Bill Patterson, president and CEO of Città group, has joined the organization’s board of directors that oversees the activities and decisions in all of Built Green’s Canada-wide operations.

The Città Group – Environment Policy

The Città Group accepts that sustainability and protection of our environment is a vitally important business issue and a crucial element of sound business practice. Since our environment belongs to a wide range of stakeholders of which we are one, we will exercise careful stewardship to assist in preserving its quality for future generations. We will conduct our construction activities responsibly, be accountable and commit to do so in a manner that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.


Conserve energy and our natural resources and direct our annual planning to continually improve our environmental performance and efficacy.

Reduce waste by adopting ‘best-in-class’ construction building practices and complying with environmental sustainability measures.

Encourage and assist our staff and clients to be sponsors of sustainable development.

Urge our employees, suppliers, and contractors to initiate actions aimed at improving our environment.

Incorporate a comprehensive program of recycling in our corporate office, all project and construction sites and in our daily behaviours and activities.


Conduct reviews of our activities to assure we are complying with our own stated policies and practices.

Encourage our suppliers and contractors to modify their practice to conform to and be consistent with our own.

Manage our activities to safeguard health, protect the environment and conserve valuable resources.

Minimize energy and other resource consumption through increased efficiency and conservation.

Include environmental responsibility and innovation as a guideline for employee performance measurement.

Implement a process of continual learning to enrich our policies, practices, and environmental performance.